To create more great outcomes, first focus on your energy.

Adam Albrecht
2 min readNov 22, 2023


Do you ever think about what fuels your success? Is it your talent? Your skills? Your network? Your grit? Your actions? The fact that you are a hottie with a karate body? While all of those things are valuable, they are not fuel.

The fuel of your success, both personal and professional, is your personal energy.

It is your energy that fuels your actions. Your energy puts your skills and talent in motion. It is your energy that helps build and maintain your network. Your grit becomes gritless without the energy to hold on, or to plow through challenging times.

Your work ethic, will and determination all require energy to activate. When you run out of energy, you run out of all of the above. And when you are running on empty you simply stop running. Just ask Jackson Browne. Or Forrest Gump.

To create more great outcomes, first focus on your energy. That means knowing your energy sources.

Some are physical: Some are psychological

  • Your mission
  • Your purpose
  • Your confidence
  • Your desire for revenge (which is negative, yet effective)

Some are individual:

  • Socializing (for extraverts)
  • Solitude (for intraverts)
  • Time with nature (for dirtverts)

Key Takeaway

Know where your energy comes from. Tap into those sources by creating energy-replenishing habits. Rest and renew your energy. Keep it flowing. It will keep all the other good things in your life going too.

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