The new year is the perfect time for a clean new start.

Adam Albrecht
2 min readJan 7, 2024

On New Year’s Day, I cleaned out my stuff.

I started by Marie Kondoing my dresser drawers. I removed things I don’t wear. Everything else got folded and fabric-filed in order of the colors of the rainbow. Which made me wonder why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Then I went to my home office and emptied and organized my desk drawers. Everything that shouldn’t be in them is now gone like the wind.

On Tuesday, my first day of work in 2024, I cleaned off my desk at The Weaponry. Only the essentials remained. Which created a good operating space. (For doing advertising work, not actual operating-operating.)

I emptied my work bag. I replaced only the essentials. My computer, notebooks, pens and a set of earplugs, in case my work takes me to a NASCAR race, or I face a challenge so big that my brain suddenly starts leaking out of my ears.

I also cleaned out my gym bag.

The Result

The year feels new.

I am not carrying any unnecessary baggage from last year.

My drawers are neat and organized, not stuffed with disorganized things that become obstacles to overcome while searching for things I need. My drawers are now tools for me to use. They are ready to receive. There is room in the inn.

It creates a refreshing start to 2024. I walk to work lighter. I walk into the gym lighter. I am ready for new things. And I have space in my life for them. I wish the same for everyone.

Key Takeaway

Clean out the unnecessary, and start the year fresh. Don’t carry baggage from last year. The purging and organizing will make the new year feel new. It makes it easier to create new and better habits and processes. And a great year is simply a product of attitude, gratitude, habits and processes.

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