Here’s the very best way to get revenge on your enemies, legally.

Adam Albrecht
2 min readAug 20, 2023


I don’t need everyone to like me.

And neither do you.

When I was a kid I recognized that there were people with whom I got along well, and others who were like a downer to my upper. Or oil to my water. Or plumbers crack to my suspenders. In other words, we just couldn’t exist in the same space.

As an adult, I am fortunate to have a lot of friends. But I still have people that don’t like me. I bet you have people who don’t like you too. It’s a sign that you are doing things the right way. Or that you are a psychopath. (If you are a psychopath none of the rest of this lesson applies to you.)

I have found that the people that clearly don’t like me have a different value system than me. For example, I think people should be honest and kind. While I find that most people I don’t get along with don’t value honesty and kindness. And neither do their feral children.

While I tend to make friends quickly, I make enemies just as fast. I don’t attempt to convert my enemies into friends. Instead, I think about getting revenge. And the best way to get revenge on your enemies is to constantly disappoint them.

How I disappoint my enemies:

I disappoint my enemies with my successes.

I disappoint my enemies with my continuous improvement.

I disappoint my enemies with my resilience to setbacks.

I disappoint my enemies by not responding to their invitations to stoop to their level.

I disappoint my enemies by amassing more friends who align with my values.

I disappoint my enemies with my indifference to them.

I disappoint my enemies by smiling, laughing, and enjoying every day, especially in front of them and their feral children.

Key Takeaway

Use your enemies to your advantage. They are excellent sources of motivation. Disappoint your enemies with your successes. It’s the sweetest form of revenge.

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