Do you have any idea what you are capable of?

Adam Albrecht
2 min readJan 21, 2024


There is nothing on earth more inspiring than an acorn.

The acorn appears small and benign.

Its little hat makes it seem pre-school cute.

Its marbley size makes the acorn look like a plaything.

Or squirrel food.

Or slingshot ammunition.

Or decorative bowl filler.

It is easy to look at an acorn and assume that a cute little acorn is all it will ever be.

But don’t be fooled.

But the acorn has ambition.

And spirit.

And a master plan. Like Eric B. And Rakim

You see, the acorn doesn’t identify itself as an acorn.

It thinks bigger. Much bigger.

But the acorn is patient.

The acorn sits calm like a bomb. Waiting for the sun, water, and soil to create the right conditions to detonate.

Then, boom!

It explodes in every direction.

Up into the sky.

Down into the soil.

And radiating in 360 degrees.

It goes. And goes. And goes. And goes.

It transforms itself into an epic force of nature.

It becomes a machine.

A factory.

It creates air.

And food.

And shelter.

That cute little acorn becomes one of the biggest, strongest, most impactful forces on the planet.

Key Takeaway

Be an acorn.

Make your master plan come true.

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